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There are a few things you need to know if you are to get the best out of your archery facility, such as what you need to do, how to fund it and where to find the right resources. Click on the links below to get the help you need.

Funding for Facilities

Inspired Facilities is a Sport England funding opportunity that is focused on making it easier for local community and volunteer groups to improve and refurbish sports clubs, or transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sport facilities. Part of the Places People Play programme to deliver a London 2012 legacy of increased mass participation in sport, it is investing £50 million of National Lottery funding in community sports projects.
Protecting Playing Fields is also a Sport England funding stream, and for the first time archery is eligible for the Protecting Playing Fields scheme. Any club that has a project that will maximise the sporting benefits of playing fields is invited to apply. That includes improving or creating archery ranges, bringing disused fields back into use, or even supporting the purchase of fields at risk of being lost.
It is the first time archery has been eligible for the funding and the sport’s inclusion follows the creation of Archery GB’s Facility Strategy and the facility audit conducted in 2013. More than 65 per cent of clubs returned information which allowed Archery GB to prove to Sport England that archery is a playing field sport.
For further information visit Sport England’s website.

Other Funding

Facility Funding for Home Nations is covered in the Handy Guide to Funding. The Handy Guide to Funding also has other funding opportunities for facilities, coaching and equipment. The guide is updated every three months.

Planning Guidance

Archery GB’s Venue Planning Advice has been put together to provide clubs with some food for thought when making a long-term decision about a new or existing venue. The Development Team are also able to support clubs on these matters, and can be contacted on 01952 602795.
Sport England has provided lots of information on the planning process for sports clubs, including in partnership with the Department of Communities and Local Government, publishing a new guide to planning applications aimed at sports clubs who want to improve their facilities. Visit their website if you need any advice or support – Sport England – Facility & Planning.

Archery GB has also produced a range of handy guides that might be helpful to you:
Developing your club
Setting up an Archery Range
Archery Range Health & Safety Policy/Risk Assessment
Rules of Shooting (appendix 3)


AGB Facilities Technical Requirements and Specifications
OPP-07-01 Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

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