Instructor Award

The Archery GB Instructor Award is our new entry-level training course for people working in leisure, recreational and educational environments. The course is focussed on training learners to deliver fun and safe introductory archery sessions

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Our official delivery partner for the course is Sport Structures Ltd.
Sports Structures are responsible for all course bookings, organisation and delivery.
To find a course or find out more, please contact Sport Structures:
Phone: 0845 241 7195


To remain as a recognised archery instructor by Archery GB, your Instructor Award certificate needs to be renewed every third year following your original course completion date. We will send you a reminder letter and guidelines on how to renew in advance of your certificate expiry date.
You are no longer required to renew by keeping a log book of your activity, and can now renew online, by completing a learning module. It costs £40 to complete the module, and payment can be made online.
Once you’ve successfully completed the learning module, we will post to you an up-to-date certificate within one month.
If you change address
If you move house, please remember to contact Archery GB with your new address and contact details, so that we can keep in contact with you and send you your renewal reminder and new certificate.

Leader Award

The Leader Award is no longer available, and was replaced in 2014 by the Archery GB Instructor Award.

Renewal still remains a requirement for all Leaders (and Instructors), and needs to be completed every three years. When Leader and Instructor certificates are due for renewal, the certificate holders will be written to and invited to do so by completing an online learning module, and they will subsequently be renewed as an Instructor.

Common questions

  1. What is the difference between the two courses?
    Both courses train people to deliver introductory archery sessions. However, the Archery GB Instructor Award is a shorter course (2.5 days), it has a modernised learning programme and resources, and only accredited tutors can deliver it.
  2.  Will the Leader Award be phased out?
    Yes. From 31 December 2014 the GNAS Leader Award will no longer be available.
  3. Do existing Leaders need to ‘upgrade’?
    No. The only impact on current Leaders will be to the way that they renew, which is now by a new online renewal process.
  4. What happens to the renewal process?
    Renewal remains a requirement for all Leaders and Instructors, and needs to be completed online every three years. The renewal process for existing Leaders has changed. When Leaders are due to renew their certificate, they will be written to and invited to do so by completing an online learning module, and they will subsequently be renewed as an Instructor.
  5. Are current Leader Award tutors automatically eligible to deliver the Instructor Award?
    No. We have written to existing Leader tutors individually to explain that anyone wishing to become a tutor of the Instructor Award will need to apply separately.


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